• Custom Made --- Full coverage, beautiful
  • High Border --- Prevents drink, water, sand, mud from dirtying car carpet.
  • Waterproof Materials --- Made of waterproof materials can be used in all weather and easy to clean.

1 year warranty on this product protects against manufacturer defects excluding wear and chemical contamination, Original Invoice required.

Compose of 2 layers materials into one by heat pressing technology. The materials are environmental-friendly and waterproof.

  • Top layer: TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber)
  • Bottom layer: Foam material XPE

Cleaning Mathods

  • Clean by vacuum cleaner.
  • Clean by water, naturally dry.
  • Use regular detergent.
  • Don't use washing machine.

Note:  Actual product color may have color shading with the colors shown on the pictures due to such factors as monitor settings, viewing environment, viewing angle.

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