• Custom Designed---Full coverage, beautiful, more safe, comfortable
  • Designed with High Border---Prevents water, sand, mud, snow and salt from dirtying the car carpet, always keep the car carpet clean.
  • Waterproof Materials---Made of waterproof materials ,can be used in all weather and easy to clean.


1 year warranty on this product protects against manufacturer defects excluding wear and chemical contamination. Original invoice required.

Note: Actual product colors may have color shading with the colors shown here due to such factors as monitor settings, viewing environment, viewing angle.


Made of waterproof materials by waterproof technology, easy to clean.

Shape Structure
3-Dimensional designed with high border, custom-designed to perfectly fit the vehicle.

Materials Structure

  • Compose of 3 layers materials into one by heat pressing technology, The materials are environmental-friendly and waterproof.
  • Top layer: Reinforced short fibers.
  • Middle layer: Foam material XPE.
  • Bottom layer: Special anti-slip material (PVC)
    The top layer will get wet while the water or snow enters the floor liners but the water won't go through the floor liners.



  • 3-Dimensional design with high border, custom-designed to perfectly fit the vehicle.
  • Environmental friendly, odourless, durable protection.
  • Ultra light weight, easy to install or to remove.
  • Make your car interior more beautiful and stylish, comfortable feeling for driver and passengers.
  • Can be used in all weather.
  • Waterproof material and high border prevents water, sand, mud, snow, salt from dirtying car carpet, always keep car carpet clean.
  • Easy to clean, dry quickly and naturally.

Cleaning methods

  • Clean by vacuum cleaner.
  • Clean by water, naturally dry.
  • Use regular detergent.
  • Don’t use washing machine.

FAQs about F518 Style 3D Car Floor Liners

Q: The Materials of the top layer of F518 style 3D Car Floor Liners(Hereinafter to be referred as F518) are fibers, are they waterproof? Can be used in all weather? And why?

A: Yes, they are waterproof, and can be used in all weather. Because:

  1. The materials of F518 are composed of 3 layer into one by heat pressing technology, top layer is reinforced short fiber, middle layer is a foam material XPE, and bottom layer is PVC. Both of middle layer and bottom layer are impervious materials, to ensure the water cannot go through F518.
  2. F518 is designed with high border, to ensure the water cannot flow into car carpet from side of F518.
  3. In the snow season, snow, water, mud, salt will be brought into car floor liners when you go into the vehicle, the liners will hide water, mud, salt, so that the liners do not look very dirty and don’t have a lot of white salt traces, the liners will only look a little bit wet and a little bit of salt traces, and the water will naturally evaporate and the car floor liners will dry up.

            So F518 can be used in all weather.

Q: Is F518 easy to clean, how to clean?

A: F518 is easy to clean, because the materials of top layer of F518 are short fiber, and the salt and fiber won't react chemically, water will dissolve the salt.

  1. If the liners are not very dirty, for example only some dust and chip are left on the liners, just use a vacuum cleaner to suck at the dirty stuff out, it is easy and fast, also a simple scrub with a wet towel will clean them too.
  2. If the liners get dirt with salt in winter and you want to clean them, take out the liners from your car, and host them down with clean water, or use some common detergent if need to, and then completely wash them, and then shake a few times to remove the water from the liners, then enjoy them in your car.

Q: What advantages and disadvantages has F518 compare with rubber liners?

A: The rubber liners said here are custom made 3D rubber liners, the universal rubber mats have no chance to be compared with F518.

  1. The same function: F518 and rubber liners have the same function in completely protecting original car carpet , you can see a clean car carpet after taking out F518 or rubber liners.
  2. Advantages of F518:
    F518 liner is easy to be cleaned, doesn't need any special detergent to remove the salt. For the rubber liner, may need some special detergent to remove the salt.
    F518 liner is very comfortable in all seasons. the rubber liner is cold and sometimes it would come out bad smell when heating is turned on in the winter.
  3. Disadvantages of F518: F518 takes more time to dry than the rubber liners after washing, but can be used immediately after shaking a few times, and will almost dry up the next day after washing.

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